LEGO® Education in middle school helps teachers encourage students to become critical thinkers while using the skills they need for a digital future. Building on a hands-on approach, we provide solid teaching solution to support student engagement within science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). All our solutions are developed with a focus on real-life application,[…]


LEGO® Education WeDo is a fantastic, simple-to-use tool that enables students to learn by constructing their own models and bringing them to life. WeDo covers all national standards and comes with a cross-curricular plug ‘n’ teach curriculum pack that improves communication, collaboration and team-building skills. WeDo helps teach how technology plays an active and informative[…]

Art & Science

Machines & Mechanisms from LEGO® Education shows students how the world works. Machines affect our lives every day. When students understand how they are built they can apply that knowledge to improve machines or even create new ones. Get students in gear using Machines & Mechanisms. Introduce them to gears, levers, pulleys, wheels and axles and[…]

Early Learning

Where we play In LEGO® Education Preschool we know that developing social skills and an ability to collaborate is crucial for children’s success in school and later on in life. Therefore we strive to deliver playful learning experiences for a collaborative group setting. Our Preschool resources take their starting point in five focused learning areas[…]